Here you will find all commands available for Charles! Either scroll down or use one of these buttons if you're looking for a specific category.

The arguments will be indicated with <> and []. Do NOT actually type these! <> is a required argument and [] is an optional argument.

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Fun commands bring joy to everyone! Let's all get together and have some fun. Having fun together is the best way to have fun! 

CommndArgumentsExample Description
8ball<question>8ball is this a question?Consult the 8ball to receive an answer
coinflipNonecoinflipFlip a coin
fight<user> [user2]fight John
fight John Henry
Fight someone or make 2
people fight each other!
hotcalc John
Returns a random percent for
how hot a discord user is
isit<holiday>isit christmasSee the number of days until a holiday
penis John
Detects a user's penis length
punch<user>punch JohnPunch someone
rate<something>rate this botRates what you desire
reverse<text>reverse Hello world!!poow ,ffuts esreveR
ship<user> [user2]ship John
ship John Henry
Ship with someone or ship others
shoot<user>shoot JohnShoot someone
stab<user>stab JohnStab someone